Preview: The Open

Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine sing “I’ll Wait and Pray” (Deluxe, 1944)

To protect their summer best against mugginess, competitors and fans alike at South Park Municipal Golf Course for the United Golf Association’s 1946 Open Championship gravitate toward the umbrellas on the brick terrace of the clubhouse, where light showers (mechanically generated by sprinklers) and fleeting rainbows had refreshed early birds. Bas-relief deities on the building’s brick façade set a high standard for composure under an August sun in western Pennsylvania. Music deities and avid golfers Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine, appearing courtesy of a turntable in the locker room, improve atmospheric conditions.

At a table on the raised terrace, the latest issue of the Pittsburgh Courier causes a distraction: The missing-persons section has touched the hearts of three spectators.

Charles “Teenie” Harris Archive
Pittsburgh Courier
South Park Golf Club House (1939), design: Henry Hornbostel

Blueprint courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University Architecture Archives