Front Porch

Welcome to New Monuments Golf Club, a genre-inclusive home of narratives coalescing loosely around one of the most beloved, loathed and square of walks.

New Monuments (est. 2011) is a funhouse/broken mirror version of its brick-mortar-and-green template. Andy Warhol and my maternal grandparents star on a snowy Pennsylvania fairway, a map and scorecard document greed in sunny (and foggy) California, and the 37th President of the United States has a meltdown in the Sonoran Desert.

Featured course: Crystal Drive

Look around. Spend the night. We are open 24/7. Join other supporters on the membership roll here by making a donation in any amount.

The contract…is in fact the only position which the subject can assume without falling into two inverse but equally abhorred images: that of the “egoist” (who demands without caring that he has nothing to give) and that of the “saint” (who gives but forbids himself ever to demand)… (Roland Barthes in “Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes”)

I promise upgrades for years to come.

Play away!

The Old Man