Preview: Wittenberg II

1983-84, University College, Galway (now National University of Ireland, Galway)

A Thousand Unwelcomes
cast: Enda Sheehan (Medical Student), Darra Phelan (Medical Student), Tomás tbd (Medical Student), Greg Hohman (Yank), 18 Oakley Crescent

The Wood of the Whispering, Molloy
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Leisureland, Salthill, Galway, Nov 1983

Famine, Murphy
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Seapoint Ballroom, Salthill, Galway, Feb or Mar 1984

Butley, Gray
cast: University College Galway (UCG) Dramsoc, Druid Lane Theatre, March 1984

King John, Shakespeare
cast: Dublin University Players, UCG Aula Max, March 1984

The Gigli Concert, Murphy
cast: Abbey Theatre, Dublin, April 1984

The Beggar’s Opera, Gay
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, June or July 1984

cast: People of Carna, Jonathan Derham (geology Ph.D. candidate), Greg Hohman (Yank), Ostan Carna, Summer 1984

Some playbills were lost.

1984-85, University College, Galway

cast: Jonathan Derham, Carol Gray, Ted Nealon, Greg Hohman, 117 Dangan Heights

The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare
cast: Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Dec 1984

The Glass Menagerie, Williams
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, Dec 1984

Lernziel: Deutsch (Learning Goal: German), a fragment by Ulrich Wünsch, words by Peter Handke
cast: Greg Hohman, Marie-Louise Blaney, Sally Ann Colbert, Caitriona Nic Mhuiris, UCG German Society and Maynooth, 1985

The Playboy of the Western World, Synge adaptation
cast: Greg Hohman (Christy), Sally Ann Colbert (Pegeen Mike), Spring 1985

Conversations on a Homecoming, Murphy
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, Apr 1985

’Tis a Pity She’s a Whore, Ford
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, 1985

The Recruiting Officer, Farquhar
cast: Gate Theatre, Dublin, May 1985

The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, Aug 1985

1985-86, Hannover, BRD

Bühnenbild (Set Design)
set: Herrenhäuser Gärten (Herrenhausen Gardens), beside Studentenwohnheim (student dorm), Dorotheenstrasse 7

Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti (Mr. Puntila and his Man Matti), Brecht
cast: Staatsschauspiel Ballhof, Hannover, Dec 1985

Die Massnahme (The Measure), Brecht
cast: Seminar, Universität Hannover, Spring 1986

Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches (Fear and Misery of the Third Reich), Brecht
cast: Staatsschauspiel Ballhof Foyer, Hannover, Jan, Feb or Mar 1986

Das Freudenfeuer für den Bischof (The Bishop’s Bonfire), O’Casey
cast: Schauspiel Köln, April 1986

Quartett, Müller
cast: Schauspiel Köln, April 1986

Der Meteor, Dürrenmatt
cast: Staatsschauspiel Ballhoff, Hannover, May 1986

Gespenster (Ghosts), Ibsen
cast: Deutsches Theater, Berlin, 1986

Die Insel (The Island), Fugard
cast: Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Theater an der Glocksee, Hannover, June or July 1986

1913, Sternheim
cast: Staatsschauspiel Ballhof, Hannover, 1986

In East Berlin, at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm, I was crushed to hear, “Der Hauptdarsteller ist krank” (The leader actor is sick). Brecht’s Mann ist Mann (Man Equals Man) was cancelled, so I went to Gespenster.

1986-87, Galway, Ireland

Hail and Farewell, Moore adaptation
cast: Jonathan Derham, Greg Hohman, 63 Threadneedle Road

Absurda Comica oder Herr Peter Squenz, Gryphius
cast: UCG German Society, incl. Greg Hohman (König/King), Sally Ann Colbert (Königin/Queen), UCG and University College Cork (UCC), 1987

Die Dreigroschenoper (The Three-Penny Opera), Brecht
cast: University College Dublin German Society, UCC, Feb 1987

Waiting for Godot, Beckett
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Chapel Lane, March 1987

In Erwartung von Schlösser (Expecting Castles), Hohman
cast: tbd, UCG Field Research Station, Carron, The Burren, co. Clare, Spring 1987

A Whistle in the Dark, Murphy
cast: Druid Theatre Company, Jesuit Hall, Salthill, Galway, July 1987

In Herr Peter Squenz, I played the king. I was killed in Galway and Cork. The press killed me. No, the press was at neither venue. In the role of the queen, Sally Ann, my former girlfriend, killed me. Such is first love. During the Galway performance, I nearly forgot my last line, the play’s last line. The audience and my fellow thespians accepted the LONG pause as extemporaneous comedy.

Kurzeil genug für diesen Abend. Wir sind müder vom Lachen als vom Zusehen. Man zünde die Fackeln an und begleite uns ins Zimmer. (Enough pastime for one evening. We are more tired from laughing than watching. Light the torches and accompany us to our room.)


Killer’s Head, Shepard
cast: UCG Dramsoc, Aula Max

The Field, Keane
cast: UCG Dramsoc, Aula Max

The Gaol Gate, Lady Gregory and The Spraying of John O’Dorey, Keane
cast: Heads or Harps Theatre Company, Arts Centre Nuns Island

The Gospel at Colonus (video), Breuer/Telson
cast: The Blind Boys of Alabama, Institutional Radio Choir, etc., Kilroy (see below) presentation, UCG Arts & Sciences Bldg.

The Girls in the Big Picture, Jones
cast: Charabanc Theatre Company, Northern Ireland, 1986 or 1987


Provocation and Entertainment, various
cast: UCG Lit & Deb, Kirwan Theatre

Grey Eminence
cast: Thomas Kilroy (Professor and Playwright), UCG English Department