Preview: The Pardon Tour

Sunnylands was a veritable battlefield on September 8, 1974. The Pardon Tour walks you through the carnage.

Sept 8, 1974 – Washington D.C.

Shortly after 11 a.m. E.S.T., the 38th President of the United States pardons the 37th President.

Sept 8, 1974 – Rancho Mirage CA

Shortly after 8 a.m. P.S.T., the 37th President, convalescing at Sunnylands, the estate of friend (and billionaire) Walter Annenberg, tries to remain calm.

Intense desert temps and acute phlebitis prevent him from taking out his frustrations on the private golf course. From inside the house, he has disturbing views of reporters, photographers, a helicopter and the course. Air-conditioning does not improve his frame of mind, nor does perusal of a recent scorecard.

On the golf course, Secret Service agents, who must operate on the premise that No 37’s condition will improve, plan a safe round for him.

“When you’re down you find out who your real friends are.”

110°F, reporters, photographers and a helicopter

Birds of Welcome (Art Price)
Eisenhower palms
Mid-Century Modern residence (A. Quincy Jones)
Nixon golf clubs and bag (Wilson)
Nixon magnolia
Peacock (Harry Bertoia)
Security guard’s booth
Swimming pool

golf course
1. The Good Start, par 4
2. The Soft Touch, par 4
3. The Equalizer, par 5
4. Sitting Pretty, par 3
5. The Totem Pole, par 5
6. The Bad Baby, par 3
7. The Double Dogleg, par 5
8. Mountain View, par 4
9. Halfway, par 4
10. Elegantissima, par 4
11. Threading the Needle, par 4
12. The Chute, par 4
13. The Challenger, par 3
14. The Water’s Edge, par 4
15. Indulgence, par 4
16. The Monster, par 5
17. The Curve, par 4
18. Journey’s End, par 4
19. Annenberg Residence

tv schedule
8:00 a.m. P.S.T.
Ch. 2 Dusty’s Treehouse
Ch. 4 This is the Life
Ch. 5 Rex Humbard
Ch. 6 Around the World
Ch. 8 Lamp Unto My Feet
Ch. 9 Johnny Barton Show
Ch. 10/26 Old Time Gospel Hour
Ch. 13 Wanderlust

After the Tour, you may have time for the Home Movie Series in the Sunnylands Center & Gardens. See the Annenbergs and their guests in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.