Book a Tee Time

New Monuments Golf Club is a self-guided venue, but the Old Man and Golf Widow will curate virtually upon request. They are also available for in-person private and public engagements. Contact the Office about booking a tee time. Meet four satisfied clients.

The Program

Introduction to New Monuments Golf Club:
a) electronic book
b) metafiction
c) game v. reverie
d) cabinet of curiosities (Wunderschrank)

Part I: Historical-Pastoral in View of Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Part II: Pastoral-Comical in Monster Links

Intermission/Musical Interlude: selections from New Monuments Playlists

Part III: Tragical-Historical in Follow the Money to Torrey Pines
Part IV: Golf Widow reads Crashing the Masters
Part V: Tragical-Comical-Historical-Pastoral in Crashing the Masters

Conclusion: Q & A with Audience