Front Porch

Welcome to New Monuments Golf Club, a genre-inclusive home of narratives coalescing loosely around one of the most beloved (and loathed) of walks.

New Monuments (est. 2011), where no border prevents a visit to Tijuana’s Agua Caliente, where Andy Warhol and my maternal grandparents star on a snowy Pennsylvania fairway, where a map and scorecard chart greed in sunny and foggy (weather- and otherwise) California, where the 37th President of the United States has a meltdown in the Sonoran Desert, is a methodological field, a funhouse/broken mirror version of its brick-mortar-and-grass template.

Look around. New Monuments, open 24/7, has 26 courses and is chipping away elsewhere (see Future Fairways). Spend the night. Join other supporters on the membership roll here by making a donation (via PayPal) in any amount. To contribute by mail with a check or money order, start the discussion at the Contact page. I promise upgrades until my expiration date.

Open your wallets to ART, tightwads!

Cheers, my dear Golf Widow! Non-Members, take the hint. Members, play away!

The Old Man
Founder and Writer in Residence

P. S. Here’s our epigraph, a marginal note written by the Golf Widow:

See Aristotle + Socrates on degrees of ‘remove’ from original or mimetic stages, the map plays an ekphrastic role—description as a step (at least) removed from ‘actualization’—think of Robert Smithson ‘plans’ for works like the underground movie (cavern) theatre, the tugboat w/trees, island of glass, another way of creating works as non-sites?