Front Porch

Welcome to New Monuments Golf Club, a genre-inclusive home of narratives coalescing loosely around one of the most beloved (and loathed) of walks.

New Monuments (est. 2011), where no border prevents a visit to Tijuana’s Agua Caliente, where Andy Warhol and my maternal grandparents star on a snowy Pennsylvania fairway, where a map and scorecard chart greed in sunny and foggy (weather- and otherwise) California, where the 37th President of the United States has a meltdown in the Sonoran Desert, is a methodological field, a funhouse/broken mirror version of its brick-mortar-and-grass template.

Look around. New Monuments, open 24/7, has 26 courses and is chipping away elsewhere (see Future Fairways). Spend the night. Join other supporters on the membership roll here by making a donation (via PayPal) in any amount. To contribute by mail with a check or money order, start the discussion at the Contact page. I promise upgrades until my expiration date.

Open your wallets to ART, tightwads!

Cheers, my dear Golf Widow! Members, play away!

The Old Man
Founder and Writer in Residence

P. S. Here’s our epigraph, a marginal note written by the Golf Widow:

See Aristotle + Socrates on degrees of ‘remove’ from original or mimetic stages, the map plays an ekphrastic role—description as a step (at least) removed from ‘actualization’—think of Robert Smithson ‘plans’ for works like the underground movie (cavern) theatre, the tugboat w/trees, island of glass, another way of creating works as non-sites?