Follow the Money to Torrey Pines

Business and golf mix fatally at Torrey Pines in sunny and foggy (weather- and otherwise) California. Follow the money by clicking on the dollar sign ($), then zoom in to view a transactional world without transparency operating in a hegemonic geography: a topographical map of Torrey Pines South Golf Course prepared by the Engineering Department of the City of San Diego. The signer of the scorecard, the Founder, was the nom de plume of the Old Man before he embraced his true identity, i.e. found himself. “Torrey,” as the course is known (affectionately, for the most part), is a golf anomaly, a prestigious municipal facility; and its green fees are priced accordingly, including being extra expensive for non-residents. Situated on bluffs above the Pacific Ocean in affluent La Jolla north of San Diego, the course has a global reputation thanks to the area’s natural beauty, the prestige of the location, the annual pomp and circumstance of a professional golf tournament and wins here by Tiger Woods. Follow the Money charts how users of the course conceivably strategize during their rounds, mixing the business of white-collar crime with pleasure. The horrific losses are tallied like the results of a typical round in the deceptively simple format of a golf scorecard.
The Old Man

Ryan K.T. Chung

Simon Patterson, The Great Bear (1992)