2nd Floor: Trophy Room & Library

Trophy Room

* short list, Opening Up Digital Fiction Competition, Arts and Humanities Research Council, U.K., 2017

* Charlie Sifford autograph (See Spotlight for the backstory.)

* …first ever contribution from a golf club!

“I don’t have time to look at your site, but it looks boring.”

“What is it?”


Walter Mitty Champions Tour

Thurber, James, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1939)

Crashing the Masters

Kleist, Heinrich, Amphitryon (written 1806, premiere 1899)

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Ranch View Father-Son Invitational

Meet the Press, 1947–present

The Lawrence Welk Show, 1955–1982

Follow the Money to Torrey Pines

Patterson, Simon, The Great Bear (1992)

Monster Links

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Till Eulenspiegel’s Golf Holiday

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Agua Caliente Gallery

Diccionario: Seri – Español – Inglés, ed. Mary Beck Moser and Stephen A. Marlett (Universidad de Sonora, 2005)

Official Souvenir and Program of the $25,000 Agua Caliente Open Golf Tournament (1930)

Shinnecock Vignette, circa 1896

Champney, Elizabeth W., Witch Winnie at Shinnecock (1894)

Chase, William Merritt, Bayberry Bush (1895)

Chavignolles Manor

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Linden Hall

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Linden Hall, Dawson PA

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Crystal Drive

Figment, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh PA

Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) (2007)

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Golf Widow’s Studio

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No Error in the System

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Nonsite (Palenque Falls)

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The Old Man Invitational

The King of Bedlam (1839), Gérard de Nerval

Panama-California Exposition (1915-16 ), San Diego CA

Sewickley Heights and Vicinity map (1937), L. G. Molyneaux

Versailles (October 9, 2008 – April 1, 2009), Jeff Koons

The Way to Present the Gardens of Versailles (1689-1705), Louis XIV

The 120 Days of Sodom (1785), Marquis de Sade

Sir John

British Pathé, Boy Golfer (1960)

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Hohman Kodachrome Slide Collection (1957-8 and 1963-4)

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The Molyneaux Invitational

The Eminent Collection of Paintings formed by the late Mrs. B. F. Jones, Jr., Sewickley Heights, Pa. (1941)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864)

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The Open

Charles “Teenie” Harris archive

The Pittsburgh Courier

South Park Golf Club House (1939), design: Henry Hornbostel

Los Alamos Outing

Los Alamos Rolodex: Doing Business with the National Lab, 1967-1978 (2016), The Center for Land Use Interpretation.

Deposition of C.H.W. d’Artillac Brill

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Reanimation Library

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The Revolution May Be Televised

Scott-Heron, Gil, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1970)

The Lawrence Welk Show, 1955-1982

Volkstümliche/Schlager Musik (siehe Hans Hinterseer, die Flippers, u.a.)

Johnny Walker

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