Fair Hill and Ordale

Fair Hill and Ordale are our clubhouses. Fair Hill originated as an Irish farmhouse.

Fair Hill was a home of my maternal grandmother. In County Clare, perhaps. Unless of course Grandma imagined the whole thing.

Eleanor “Ellie” (née Hennessy) Hohman

Years later, Fair Hill’s doppelgänger materialized in the New World (see The Wishing Well).

It overlooked a small lake. A real 1700s or early 1800s Colonial home Uncle Gene bought following his marriage to Aunt Mary, his second marriage. We would visit during the summer. I can recall pump water in the kitchen sink and curing ham hanging in the cellar. Or I hope it was a ham!

Ruth Hennessy

Located within a green belt of virtual Irish-American countryside ringed by cork trees, our courses radiate from repurposed-for-the-digital-age Ordale.

A. W. M. National
Crystal Drive
No Error in the System
Shinnecock Vignette, 1896

A. W. M. National
Ideal Discourse
The Molyneaux Invitational
The Secret of the Orphanage
The Wishing Well

A. W. M. National
Crashing the Masters
Linden Hall
Ranch View Father-Son Challenge

A. W. M. National
Follow the Money to Torrey Pines
Golf Ban
The Green Room
Heather Rocks
Life Raft
Monster Links
Nonsite (Palenque Falls)
The Pardon Tour
Reading the Green
Seven Palms
Walter Mitty Champions Tour

Sir John
View of Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, U.K.

Chavignolles Manor

Till Eulenspiegel’s Golf Holiday

Road to Taylors Hill Pitch & Putt
Scholar’s Rock

Stations of the Cross

Coming eventually, a map of the grounds entitled Fair Hill View for an Afternoon. Here is the work-in-progress:

Remembrance Garden

Benjamin Francis Hennessy, 1891 Hartford CT – 1965 Pittsburgh PA

interred: St. Anne Cemetery, Castle Shannon PA

Bridget Ann Josephine (née Kelly) Hennessy, 1898 New York NY – 1971 Pittsburgh PA

interred: St. Anne Cemetery, Castle Shannon PA

Albert Joseph Hohman, 1933 Pittsburgh PA – 2005 New York NY

interred: Christ Our Redeemer Cemetery, Pittsburgh PA

Eleanor Ann (née Hennessy) Hohman, 1932 Hartford CT – 2019 Pittsburgh PA

interred: St. Anne Cemetery, Castle Shannon PA

Karl Valentine Hohman, 1928 Pittsburgh PA – 1985 Pittsburgh PA

interred: Queen of Heaven Cemetery, McMurray PA

Thomas M. Snyder, 1933 Allentown PA – 2011 Charleston SC

interred: First Presbyterian Cemetery, York PA

Membership Roll

Randy Chiurazzi, San Diego CA
Neil Damron, Indianapolis IN
Suzanne Daniels, San Diego CA
Mike Gallivan, San Diego CA
Donald Gibson, Fallbrook CA
Maria Hayes, San Diego CA
Ruth Hennessy, New York NY
Barb Hohman, Charlotte NC
Eleanor Hohman†, Pittsburgh PA
Eric Hohman, Yakima WA
Greg Hohman, San Diego CA
Tom Hohman, Charlotte NC
Heather Thatcher, Palm Desert CA
Lois Thompson, San Diego CA
Carol Vantzelfden, Palm Desert CA