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Bachelard, Gaston (Library)
Bacon, Francis (Pardon Tour)
Barthes, Roland (Library, Pools and Practice Range)
Baxter, Iain (Library)
Baxter, Ingrid (Library)
Beckett, Samuel (Preview: Abdication, Road to Taylor’s Hill)
Bell, William P. (Walter Mitty Champions Tour, Follow the Money and Agua Caliente Gallery)
Bentham, Jeremy (Crystal Drive)
Boe, Daryl “Turboe” (Augusta!)
Buscemi, Steve (Views of Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, U.K.)

Cagney, James (Residency Oasis)
Carroll, Lewis (Preview: Life Raft)
Center for Land Use Interpretation (Future Fairway: Los Alamos Outing)
Champney, Elizabeth W. (Shinnecock Vignette, circa 1896)
Chase, William Merritt (Shinnecock Vignette, circa 1896)
Choko (Wildlife)

D’Artillac Brill, C. H. W. (Future Fairway: Deposition of C. H. W. d’Artillac Brill)
Doak, Tom (Library)
Dye, Pete (Heather Rocks)

Eckstine, Billy (Spotlight and Future Fairway: The Open)
Elder, Lee (Crashing the Masters)

Faldo, Nick (Crashing the Masters)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Spotlight)
Flaubert, Gustave (Chavignolles Manor)
Ford, Gerald R. (Pardon Tour)

Gilberto, Astrud (Pools)
Gob Squad (Crystal Drive)
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang (Future Fairway: Deposition of C. H. W. d’Artillac Brill)
Gomringer, Eugen (No Error in the System)
Goodwin, Stephen (Library)

Harris, Charles “Teenie” (Future Fairway: The Open)
High Desert Test Sites (Nonsite (Palenque Falls))
¡Hipintica haao! (Agua Caliente Gallery)
Hoerr, John (Linden Hall)
Hohman, Eleanor (Crystal Drive, Ordale, Home of Golf, and Future Fairway: Sir John)
Honda, Ishiro (Monster Links)
Hornbostel, Henry (Future Fairway: The Open)
Hoyt, Beatrix (Shinnecock Vignette, circa 1896)

Imagist poets (Agua Caliente)

Jackson 5 (Ordale, Home of Golf)
Jelinek, Elfriede (Future Fairway: The Green Room)
Jesus (Stations of the Cross)
Jones, Bobby (Crashing the Masters)
Joyce, James (Road to Taylor’s Hill)

Kessel, Barney (Pools)
Kleist, Heinrich (Crashing the Masters)
Koons, Jeff (Old Man Invitational)

Laroche, Jean (Home of Golf)
LeCompte, Elizabeth (Old Man Invitational and Future Fairway: The Green Room)
Louis IV (Old Man Invitational)
Luke (Stations of the Cross)

Macdonald, Charles Blair (Monster Links)
MacKenzie, Alister (Heather Rocks)
Man, Goody Bar (Pools)
Mango (Wildlife)
Mann, Thomas (Future Fairway: Deposition of C.H.W. d’Artillac Brill)
Mark, St. (Stations of the Cross)
Matthew, St. (Stations of the Cross)
May, L. Michael (Old Man Invitational and Molyneaux Invitational)
Mica (Wildlife)
Mickelson, Phil (Crashing the Masters)
Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin (Crashing the Masters)
Muirhead, Desmond (Heather Rocks)

Nicklaus, Jack (Crashing the Masters)
Nixon, Richard M. (Pardon Tour)
Norman, Greg (Crashing the Masters)

Ó Faoláin, Sean (Road to Taylor’s Hill)
Olmsted Bros. (Putting Green)
Orff, George W. (Folly)

Palmer, Arnold (Crashing the Masters)
Patterson, Simon (Follow the Money to Torrey Pines)
Patton, Billy Joe (Crashing the Masters)
Plato (Crashing the Masters)
Poe, Edgar Allan (Linden Hall and Golf Widow’s Studio)

Reanimation Library (Future Fairway: Deposition of C.H.W. d’Artillac Brill)
Roberts, Clifford (Crashing the Masters)

Sarazen, Gene (Crashing the Masters)
Satie, Erik (Grille)
Sauer, Frederick C. (Future Fairway: Secret of the Orphanage)
Schleef, Einar (Future Fairway: The Green Room)
Serres, Michel (Crashing the Masters)
Shackelford, Geoff (Library)
Shakespeare, William (Monster Links)
Shippen, John (Shinnecock Vignette, circa 1896)
Simon of Cyrene (Stations of the Cross)
Sinatra, Frank (Preview: Blue Eyes Fantasia Sessions)
Smith, Terry (Road to Taylor’s Hill)
Smithson, Robert (Crystal Drive and Nonsite (Palenque Falls))
Springer, Curtis “Doc” (Residency Oasis)
Strawn, John (Library)

Thatcher, Heather (Heather Rocks)
Thomas, Jr., George C. (Heather Rocks)
Thurber, James (Walter Mitty Champions Tour)
Trump, Donald (Monster Links)

Van Ort, Brett (Till Eulenspiegel’s Golf Holiday)
Vanko, Maxo (Future Fairway: Secret of the Orphanage)
Veronica (Stations of the Cross)

Wallace, David Foster (Old Man Invitational)
Warhol, Andy (Crystal Drive)
Waters, Crystal (Pools)
Weber, Ina (Till Eulenspiegel’s Golf Holiday)
Weiss, Allen S. (Library)
Welk, Lawrence (Ranch View and Future Fairway: The Revolution May Be Televised)
West Coast Jazz (Preview: Blue Eyes Fantasia Sessions)
Whitman, Walt (Pools)
Wilder, Billy (Residency Oasis)
Woods, Tiger (Crashing the Masters)
Wooster Group (Old Man Invitational and Future Fairway: The Green Room)

Yeats, William Butler (Road to Taylor’s Hill)