Golf Ban (Interactive)

Prohibit golf at a golf club?! Anyone familiar with how things operate at New Monuments should not be surprised. You are invited instead to participate in a writing challenge. Your topic is anything within range of one of the course cameras located at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon – anything but golf.

What is happening, or could be happening, at any given moment? Is the sun visible? The Pacific Ocean? Is there rain? Wind? Okay, we have established the basics. What next? An essay on the area’s natural habitat? A poem? A potboiler about the couple in love on the Trails End deck? A treatment for a Hollywood blockbuster featuring high-definition lords and ladies galloping out of the mist toward banquets and carnage? Show off your powers of observation, creativity and composition. You have 15 camera positions to choose from:

Bandon Dunes cameras

Tender your entry via the Contact page. The Golf Widow and Old Man will translate, upon request and gratis, French and German texts, respectively.

What is the point of the exercise? Golf Ban is the latest New Monuments forum dedicated to the proposition that a golf course’s most compelling reason for being is as a place of reverie.

Why Bandon Dunes? Its webcams were tested (unscientifically on a few devices) and found to be reliable. If you experience technical difficulties, contact the Old Man via the Contact page.

Our present market value prevents us from being generous monetarily. If that changes, honorariums shall be distributed retroactively.

Our first entry is entitled Walk to Emmaus, or Three Mikes. The work-in-progress is from – the envelope, please – the Old Man! No surprise there.

The paths of three Mikes cross on 17 March 2024 (St. Patrick’s Day) at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in the State of Oregon, USA. Mike1 is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. Mike2 is an investigative field agent with unknown affiliations. Miken is a Dimensional visiting from parts unknown at the present time. Miken has a gift for Mike1. Mike2 is after it.