Preview: Los Alamos Outing

Los Alamos National Laboratory contractors meet for golf.

our sponsors

The ProtectoSeal Company, engineering and manufacturing vapor control and fire prevention equipment

Pulverizing Machinery, Division of Slick Industrial Company

Enviro, Inc. (formerly Comfort Air Service, Inc.), subsidiary of Beckton, Dickinson, and Company (“Environments for Industry and Medicine”)

SensorMatic of Albuquerque, Inc.

Tescom Corporation, Fluid Systems Division, Orange California Aerospace Sales

Thermal Dynamics Company (“Leading Producer of Plasma Equipment”)

Universal Voltronics Corporation, High Voltage Components and Equipment

Vacu*Blast Corporation

Richard D. Brew and Company, Incorporated, Vacuum Furnaces

Delmar Engineering Laboratories, Aerospace Training Systems, Hydra-Set Division

Du Pont Chemical Products Sales Division, E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company, Chemical Products Sales Division, Explosives Department

Explosive Technology, a Subsidiary of Ducommun Incorporated

Gardner Cryogenics Corporation

General Astro Metals Corporation, a Subsidiary of the Anaconda Corporation

H. M. Harper Company (“Harper Shapes Metals That Shape the Future”)

The Harshaw Chemical Company, Division of Kawanee Oil, Thermoluminescence Dosimetry, Crystal-Solid State Department.

Heat Technology Laboratory, Inc.

Intertechnique (“World’s Largest Producer of Multichannel Analyzers”)

Nuclear Measurements Corporation (“Instrumentation in the Nuclear Sciences”)

Plasmadyne, a Division of Geotel, Inc., Hyperthermal Test Facility

Unison Corporation, Ultraprecise Centerless Grinding Equipment, “Dedtru” Grinding Fixtures, “Tru-flute” Helical Grinding Fixture

Vacuum Atmospheres Corporation (“Atmosphere Specialists”)

Lloyd L. Fortna Company, Distributor, Zero Blast-N-Peen, Dry Glass Bead Peening and Cleaning, Cabinets, Blastrooms, Automated

Beehive Electrotech, Inc.

Barn Hill Three, Inc.

Diffraction Limited Optics, a Division of Sanders Associates

Electronic Memories

Field Emission Corporation

Hale Sanitary Supply (“New Mexico’s Oldest and Largest”), Janitor, Restroom Supplies and Equipment, Advance Floor and Rug Maintenance Equipment

Holex Incorporated, Explosive Cartridges and Cartridge Actuated Devices

International Steel Company, Lindsay Structure Division

Lord Manufacturing Company, a Division of Lord Corporation, Vibration, Shock, Noise Control

Precision Monolithics Incorporated

Data Pathing Incorporated

Electrofusion Corporation

Physics International Company, Explosive Products Department

Push Button Container Corporation, Custom Plastic Injection Molders

Sierra Transformer Company

Deaty Chemical Company Olin Corporation, Chemicals Group (“Water Treatment for Industry”)

Function Modules Inc., Instrumentation Amplifiers, Nonlinear Function Modules, Converter Modules

Laser Precision Corporation

Xenon (“Specialists in the Generation of Light”)

Ferrofluidics Corporation

Universal Propulsion Company

Ion Equipment Corporation, Micro Electronics Processing, RF/DC Sputtering Systems, High Vacuum Components, Production Evaporators, Industrial Leak Detectors

J-Y Optical Systems, Division of J and Y Diffraction Gratings, Inc. (“First in Holographic Gratings”)

The Radio Chemical Centre, Radiation Sources Department

Union Carbide Corporation, Linde Division, Cryogenic Equipment Department

Disa Electronics, Division of Disamatics, Inc. (“Laser Specialists”)

Rocket Components Company, Controls Division, Fluid and Gas Control Equipment

MDC Manufacturing, Inc., Manufacturers of Ultra High Vacuum, Flanges, Fittings, and Components

The Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Instrument Marketing Division, Atomic Absorption Product Specialists

Nuclear Shielding Services, Inc., Radiation Shielding Windows Refurbished, Consulting, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance, Stud Welding, Emergency Services

Womack Machine Supply, Distributors of Fluid Power Equipment

Your Personal Archives, Inc., Microfilming Services

Los Alamos Rolodex: Doing Business with the National Lab, 1967-1978 (2016), The Center for Land Use Interpretation.