Mica, Clubhouse Cat, b. Fallbook CA 2008, d. Chula Vista CA, Oct 9, 2022
Did somebody say Tiger?
Mica, aka Mr. Catsy aka Little Hawk aka Pushy Cat aka Flip Cat, played golf since boyhood. He had lightning-fast paw/club speed and a natural feel for the game (see Heather Rocks). There must be an audience somewhere for televised tournaments featuring polydactyl cats. Yes, Mica had an unfair advantage over most cats; he had an extra toe on each of his front clubs. Also a volunteer in the Infirmary, Mica napped with Dad, especially when his favorite duffer came home with sore feet. Mica admired Dad’s disdain for cartball.

Mica lives on here and on the Golf Widow’s wrist.

Training session

Choko, Sales, Tecate MX, d. January 2020
When he was not in the Pro Shop, Choko tried to drum up business in Tecate MX. In a challenging sales territory, he neither moved merchandise nor brought a single member into the fold. He was nevertheless a beloved member of the sales team.

Mango, Security, b. Murrieta CA 2001, d. Palm Desert CA 2014
Watch dog
King of all he surveyed, Mango was the club’s beloved watch dog. When you thought nobody was looking, he was. Mango loved plastic golf balls and was great at “Fetch!” The maintenance crew did not treat the removal of his “business” as work. He will be missed.

Nessa and Penny, Caddies

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