The Office

Front Office (AKA The Board)

The Old Man

The Golf Widow

The Swing Coach Emeritus

View the swing that launched a million drives.

Superintendent in Perpetuity

Eleanor Hohman (1932-2019)

Community Involvement

Financial contributor to Border Angels, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Farm Sanctuary, Golf Club Atlas, Charles “Teenie” Harris Archive, HDTS 2013, KPBS (San Diego), Printed Matter, John Shippen Memorial Golf Foundation and The Wooster Group

In-kind contributor to Sledgehammer Theatre:

Manager/sponsor of in the Studs Up! and Slide Tackle Fan Club leagues of Fantasy Premier League

Accounting Department

Make a donation in any amount and/or a pro-shop purchase here:

To donate, purchase or contribute otherwise, start the discussion at the Contact page. The Old Man promises upgrades until his expiration date. Note from our Eco-Accountant:

The Club’s annual energy usage would power an electric car for 14.3 miles.

Effective August 2019, all monies shall be distributed as follows:

25% Rockland Psychiatric Center, Orangeburg NY
25% The Wooster Group, New York NY
50% New Monuments Golf Club

Donations since 2011: $125

Back Office

Angelina Albanese, San Diego CA (web development & design)

Anonymous, San Diego CA (usable golf bag abandoned on street)

Keith Barnes, San Diego CA (photo & video technical support)

Evita Castorena, Carlsbad CA (web development & design)

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Department (Pittsburgh Courier)

Randy Chiurazzi, San Diego CA (“electronic golf bag,” i.e. laptop)

Choko, Tecate MX (cap modeling & sales)

CyberBasement, Monument CO (tech support)

Neil Damron, Indianapolis IN (camaraderie)

Suzanne Carol Daniels, San Diego CA (creative & editorial support (see Workshop), the Old Man’s clubs The Delinquent & The Geologist)

Carl Dershem, San Diego CA (Erik Satie audio clip)

Mike Gallivan, San Diego CA (camaraderie)

Judy Guerrieri, Pittsburgh PA (The Olde History of the Pittsburg Field Club)

Hayden Henson, San Diego CA (Sledgehammer Stout)

Eleanor Hohman†, Pittsburgh PA (editorial support, The Grandpa)

Tom Hohman, Charlotte NC (golf clubs & bag)

San Diego Public Library staff, San Diego CA

Heather Thatcher, Palm Desert CA (The Geologist and financial support)

Van Weaver, San Diego CA (golf clubs and balls)

image credits

Michele Bedard, Palm Desert CA (Elizabeth LeCompte video)

Bethany and Todd Brown, Pittsburgh PA (Spotlight: Pittsburgh Field Club)

Al Bruton, San Diego CA (Walter Mitty Champions Tour)

Ryan K.T. Chung, San Diego CA (Follow the Money to Torrey Pines map)

Jonathan Derham, Enniscorthy, Ireland (Road to Taylors Hill and Scholar’s Rock)

Kathy Detweiler, Mission TX (Linden Hall’s Devil’s Room)

Mike Gallivan, San Diego CA (Monster Links videos)

Julia and Lauren Haigh, Fallbrook CA (Reading the Green)

Barb Hohman, Charlotte NC (Follow the Money to Torrey Pines scorecard)

Eleanor Hohman†, Pittsburgh PA (Chavignolles Manor, Molyneaux Invitational, Ordale & others)

Eric Hohman, Yakima WA (Old Man beneath Tree of Wisdom)

Tom Hohman, Charlotte NC (Ranch View video)

Tabby Lancaster, San Diego CA (Monster Links thumbnail)

Steven McBride, Olive Branch MS (logo)

mitue (Till Eulenspiegel’s Golf Holiday)

Historical Society of Mount Lebanon, Mt. Lebanon PA (Ideal Sports Shop)

National Park Service, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (Putting Green)

Veronica Rodriguez, San Diego CA (Choko)

Sewickley Valley Historical Society, Sewickley PA (Molyneaux Invitational map)

Carol Vantzelfden, Palm Desert CA (Mango, Golf Widow baby video, Shinnecock Vignette painting)

David Walton, Vancouver, B.C. (Old Man video)